A simple todo web-application (basically just something for me to learn F3)



License: WTFPL



A simple todo web application.


First, you need to fetch some dependencies:

Fat-Free Framework

Download the Fat-Free Framework from and extract the content of the lib folder into the lib folder of this application.

DejaVu Sans ExtraLight

Get this light front from and extract the files into the ui/DejaVu_Sans_ExtraLight directory

Now that all dependencies are fetched, you can copy the application to your webserver. Just one thing: Change the permissions of the tmp directory so the webserver can write to it.


Todo is configured with the config.ini file.

Protecting the configuration file

It is usually a bad idea that the config file is accessible via the web, since people can then see the username and password of your database.

One possibility to prevent this, is to move the file into a directory that can not be accessed via the web and then modifying index.php: Search for the line $f3->config('config.ini'); and change the config.ini part to point to the new location.