The STE Template Engine is a compiling template engine for PHP ≥ 5.3.



License: MIT


STE Template Engine

The STE Template Engine (STE) is a template engine for the PHP programming language.

Get it via composer / packagist

Composer is a dependency manager and package manager for PHP. Using composer is the recommended way of installing STE.

Just put r7r/ste in your requirements (I suggest using the version 2.*) and execute composer install. Then include composer’s autoloader and you can simply use all stuff in the \r7r\ste namespace without further requires or includes. Awesome!


PHP >= 7.3

Why should you use it?


The docu directory contains the documentation of the template language. If you need the documentation of the php code / the API, you can create it with the script. This is done using phpDocumentor. It will be installed as a dev-depencency by composer.

There is also a mirror of the documentation here.